Individual, Marital, & Child Psychotherapy
Dr. Charlene Underhill Miller provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. She treats a wide range of issues such as relational issues such as marriage and divorce, pregnancy and post-partum difficulties, as well as parenting challenges including custody issues and parental alienation. Dr. Miller works regularly with clients experiencing depression, anxiety and self-sabotage, including unusual behaviors such as hoarding. Her doctoral work focused on specialized care to adults and children who have been affected by sexual abuse and trauma.

Dr. Miller utilizes a psychodynamic perspective, working with her clients in a collaborative and insightful process. Problems are understood within a context of past interpersonal experiences which often help provide understanding to the client’s current situation. Dr. Miller also is specially prepared to help clients with a faith base to effectively integrate spiritual convictions and concerns with psychological understandings.

Psychotherapy offers a safe place within a caring environment where people can learn how to understand their particular distress and its roots and learn to make changes that bring healing. People often utilize therapy to solve problems or to try to save a relationship. Therapy can also be considered an adventure in growth, enabling us to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our relationships. We can learn how to make changes to improve our lives and our relationships. Sometimes the process takes a few sessions, sometimes much longer.

Dr. Miller is happy to submit insurance forms to participating companies. Please call if you have questions.
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